Rechte Trapmat Velours Antraciet 17 x 56 cm


Anti-slip stair mat with velor appearance. Self-adhesive, with corner strip and sturdy festooned edge

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Affordable stair mat Velours

Straight Stair Mat Velours

Anti-slip stair mat with velor appearance. Self-adhesive and provided with a corner strip on the front. This half-moon stair mat is neatly finished with a sturdy festooned edge.

Size: 56 x 18 cm (+ 3 cm lip edge) Stair moons “Velours”, also available in 11 other colors.

Cheap stair mat Velours

The cheap Velours stair mat with dimensions 56 x 18 cm and a lip edge of 3 cm has a very beautiful and especially chic appearance. This is due to the high-quality carpet but also to the beautifully finished festooned edge. The safe and, above all, easy way to protect your stairs can also be very nice. In addition, you can safely walk up and down the stairs yourself thanks to the structure of the carpet fabric that provides extra grip. The Velours stair mat is bent at a 90 degree angle at the front so that your steps are also protected against wear at the front. Fortunately, mounting this beautiful half-moon stair mat is very easy, thanks to the already applied double-sided tape and plastic strip on the front. This Velours stair mat is perfect to hide and of course prevent any damage to your stairs. You place the stair mat over the area where the stairs are used intensively and your damage has disappeared, or if the stairs are still new, you will enjoy many years of use thanks to the protection of the Velours anti-slip stair mat.

Cheap stair mats Velours from

The cheap Velours stair treads from are made of high-quality carpet fabric. These are very strong and suitable for long-term and intensive use. The sturdy festooned edge of the stair mat also makes the stair mat extremely durable. The stair mat is made of synthetic material, so your stair coverings remain beautiful for a long time. This Velours stair mat has an anti-slip effect, which fortunately eliminates the risk of accidents such as slipping. The design of the Velours stair mat is free of static friction during regular use and yet very resistant to dirt and moisture. The Velours stair mat is also available in 11 other popular colors. Stair mats giant is an easy online shop for buying your stair mats. We only sell the very best stair mats that stand for durability and quality. Stairmattengigant is the online stair treads webshop where you can only expect quality products, even if it is a budget stair mat!

Contact for Stairmat Velours

Please feel free to contact us without obligation for the Stairmat Velours from Stairmattengigant. We have a team of experienced employees who are happy to assist you. This can be done via our contact form. If you have any questions about installing the Velours stair mat, about ordering or about the experiences of our employees, we would like to hear from you.

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56 x 17 cm (+ 3 cm liprand)




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